How to Install Your Thermostat

Posted by on Apr 8, 2015 in Blog

Thermostat opened during Installation

Inside Thermostat

First we have to find the correct thermostat for your application. All thermostats work with a traditional A/C system, but if you have a heat pump system there’s an additional wire that’s not on other units. Make sure to get a thermostat that also works with heat pumps. The most important thing to remember when changing the thermostat is to disconnect power to you’re A/C system. To do this you go out to the main breaker panel on your house. The label will be labeled HVAC or A/C. Flip this breaker in the off position. If your air conditioner is on the ground then most likely you have a separate circuit that powers the unit in the attic. This breaker will be labeled furnace, air handler or simply A/H.

Make sure to switch off all of the breakers with these labels. Once this is done you can confirm there’s no power by switching the thermostat on and waiting for up to 5 minutes. Of course if your thermostat is completely broken this won’t work, but we’ll cover how to diagnose your thermostat at another time.

You will need the following tools in the next step:

  • Flat head screw driver
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • Mini flat head screw driver
  • Wire strippers/cutter combo

Once you remove the thermostat off the wall you will see the base as in Photo A (insert). Take a picture of this with your cell phone or write down which color wire correlates to which letter on the base. This is very important because if you do not put the wires back successfully you could damage the unit. Now loosen all the nuts and carefully remove the wires from the base. The thermostat wires themselves are very thin, so do not constantly bend it back and forth as this can cause a break in the wire. Once removed you can now take off the base. To do this you just have to remove the screws that are securing the base to the wall.

To install the new base, run the existing thermostat wires through the hole and either reuse the existing screws if possible or install the anchors that come with the thermostat. Insert the wire into the base ensuring to line up the correct color with the matching letter. All you have to do now is to push in the thermostat into the base and the last and most fun part is to program the thermostat according to your manufactures’ instructions.